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AlioNoctis Pro NFG

In some way AlioNoctis adds up many of the benefits from ProtoPlasm, STS-33 and Atonoise VST/i with the ease of use many still love with the STS-21. In fact this new VSTi synthesizer by HG Fortune goes soundwise beyond all the aforementioned ones. So you can expect what´s typical for most of HG Fortune synths: Vivid athmos, textures, pads but also some rhythmicated sounds, all can be enriched by the out-of-this-world flavour of Inferno, Spooks and of course the highly efficient Bass Enhancer.

Alphatron Pro NFG

Main features: 1 VA Oscillator with up to 6 poly waves for Saw, Ramp, Sine, Tri, and Pulse. 1 VA Oscillator with single waves as above plus white and pink noise, Sync slave. 1 Sample Oscillator with fairly typical digital waves (single cycle type) with different harmonic content, Sync master. 1 Amplitude Modulation with dedicated output. 1 24 dB resonant Low Pass filter with dedicated ADSR EG, 4 mixable mod sources. 1 VCA EG. Note: Both EG have 3 modes: exponential, reverse exponential, and linear and optional control for Attack and Decay by velocity. 1 Booster or Exciter selectable. 1 Mystify with three selectable types (Brite, Soft, Dark). 1 BPM synced Delay with adjustable Offset controlled manually or by modsource, Pan. 1 Bass Boost. 1 Pan for undelayed signal. 1 small Reverb for adding some nice flavour. 1 Saturator. 1 main Volume. 3 x LFO, 1 x Duo LFO (with two waves and phase control for 2nd wave), 1 x S&H. 1 Pitch LFO with option to speed up or down the LFO speed. 16 Step Sequencer (with Shuffle) for notes and velocity plus mute buttons for each step. Includes 8 pattern slots per patch and 4 global pattern slots for instant changes. 3 Wheels. Aftertouch as selectable modsource. 8 Lazy buttons. 8 GUI variants selectable. 128 patches.

Alphatron SE NFG

Alphatron SE (same as Pro except for the step sequencer & wheels being removed): Alphatron is not just a simple VA synthesizer instead in using a 3rd oscillator with digital waves it does offer a lot more variation. Thus it can do analogstyle sounds reminding of the old Moog and Prophet days but also merge this with the digital realm in various ways to achieve sounds beyond. Also this 3rd oscillator serves as sync master for oscillator 2 thus creating a lot more sonic flavours. Amplitude Modulation has got it´s dedicated adjustable output and uses oscillator 2 as main source being modulated either by osc. 1 or 3. Oscillator 1 is a polywave oscillator with up to 5 additional waves, so you might have something like Super Saw(tm), Super Pulse, Super Ramp etc.

Altair 4b 2012

Altair 4 Pro - Main features: 2 oscillators with two soundsources with one (B) driving the other (A) to resonate, - each oscillator with three mod inputs and extensive control options 3 LFO: L1 (7 waves) with key restart on first key pressed, L2 (8 waves) and phase modulation, - L3 (7 waves) with optional modulation by sub LFO, 2 hidden LFO: L12 = mix of L1 and L2, L13 = mix of L1 and L3, 1 Sample & Hold (6 modes), 1 VCA with AR EG (with pan for undelayed sound at Rev section), 1 Main Volume with level control: fixed, Velocity, and even Aftertouch, or Wheel, 1 Delay (bpm synced) and dedicated pan 1 Bass Boost 1 Reverb with predelay 1 Hold button to hold last played key 1 Joypad with 3 balls to control 6 destinations 8 Voices 256 Patches (2 Banks).

Anvilia Pro NFG

Anvilia VSTi Synthesizer features:
2 Oscillators with 128 inbuilt waveforms each
1 enhanced Colorizer incl. HP Filter and EG to add additional 'spectral color' layers
6 LFO and 1 Sample&Hold incl. 1 dedicated pitch mod LFO
1 24db LowPass filter with resonance and EG (ADSR)
1 Amp EG (ADSR)
1 Delay bpm synced and modulateble by selectable source
LKO function for Delay (LastKeyOff unleashes full delay amount as set by DlyLvl)
LoBoost & Saturator
Pan modulateble by selectable LFO and option to switch between normal Pan and Delay to opposite direction
4 Lazy buttons
10 Selectable background skins

Arracis Gold Pro NFG

Arracis Gold is an Oscillator Stepping Synthesizer. Its most significant feature is the 4 x 8 osc step-sequencer with adjustable gate-length + modulation on gate-length. With this step-sequencer you can have a quite rhythmical output incl. short blips (stepping among the oscillators in selectable sequence) plus mixing to the normal (steady) output signal for vivid Pad or Atmos. In addition the 2 filters provide further means for tweaking. Finally at the output section there is Spook fx and two delays in series incl. pan modulation for delay and direct out for spatial movement. Main features (Pro version): 4 PCM wave oscillators with 384 waves in 3 banks with mixable output in groups of 2 (User wave & SF2 files can be loaded too into each osc slot). 4 x 8 osc step-sequencer with various settings incl. gate-length, hard/soft knob, etc. Mixable output of stepped and normal (steady) osc signals incl. modulation. 1 24 dB resonant LP filter with ADSR EG and Modulation. 1 12 dB resonant HP filter with ADSR EG and Modulation. Filter bypass + modulation. 1 Bass Enhance. 1 Spook Fx. 2 Delays in series. 3 Pan (direct, delay 1 and delay 2) incl. modulation. 6 LFO + 1 S&H as mod sources. 6 Lazy Buttons (use ´All´ for limitless patch switching). 10 voices. Key Velocity on Amp, LP & HP Cut, and Filter bypass.

Alien Space Weaver Pro

Alien Space Weaver is a synth especially made for spacey, deep or dark atmospheric backgrounds, soundscapes and FX sounds. It features 2 PCM wave oscillators. Oscillator 2 uses waveforms created from images - it contains 75 special samples. Play it slowly and let the sounds evolve. 2 PCM wave oscillators with separate external SF2 file (& option to load .wav). 1 24 dB resonant LP filter with Modulation. 1 12 dB resonant LP/HP filter with Modulation. 2 Filter bypass + modulation. 2 Bass Enhance. 2 SpookB Fx (different from the ones used before). 2 Delays with manual tempo offset, Pan and modulation. 2 Pan for undelayed signal. 6 LFO + 1 S&H as mod sources incl. manual tempo offset from x1 to x4. 1 Reverb.

ASET 2121

Astral Dreamer Pro NFG

There are dedicated routing options starting right at the oscillators which can be routed to one of the two filters, a flanger, or direct to the VCA. So you can have a dedicated soundmodifier for each oscillator allowing a wide variety of multicoloured sounds within a single patch very much like multilayered sounds.
Each oscillator has got an Additional Harmonics Shaper (AHS) to enrich sound in generating shapeable upper harmonics from the selected wave. The character of this additional sound ranges from rich choruslike to metallic sounds and can be mixed – also via modulation – to the original wave.
The new waveset coming with Astral Dreamer does contain carefully processed waves to provide a wide variety of soundsources: Synth waves from real analog, virtual analog and digital synths, complex waveforms, soundscapes (mostly image generated sounds), plus some XFx sounds.
Besides the routing possibilities there are a lot of modulation options to shape the sound into some intricate motion. And the straightforward GUI provides instant access to all controls for quick editing and tweaking to shape your sound.

Atanoise P

This is a VSTi synthesizer and in Pro version VST effect for fairly spooky, SciFi and others alike sounds. it´s got no filter by design and you won´t hardly ever hear the basic waveforms. it´s working atonal i.e. with no real defined pitch therefore it is not what you might expect - instead this one is esp. for various kinds of noisy sounds.

Atanoise 2 Pro NFG

Atonoise 2 is a widely enhanced version of prior Atonoise and is basically built around the modified Mystify processors of the Avatar ST VSTi Synth. Thus it can mangle up sounds to a great extend beyond recognition. It can be used on virtually any kind of sounds like vocals, drumloops, tracks and is even suited for deep sample processing if very few til no modulation is involved. For a more easy access and to give you some ideas of the capabilities a small set of internal samples (including vocals, drumloops & track excerpts) is used for the internal preset bank. Pro Version 2C (True Stereo version) 2 x Stereo Mystify with three selectable types (Brite, Soft, Dark) 1 x Stereo Filter with 2 types (LP, HP) 1 x bpm synced Stereo Delay 6 x LFO, 1 x Duo LFO, 1 x S&H, 1 x Gator for gating modulations 1 semi parametric 3Band Stereo EQ, 1 small Reverb for adding some nice flavour plus dll Pro Version 1C (Mono til output Pan) lighter on CPU than True Stereo version.

Avatar ST Pro NFG

Avatar ST is featuring a new generation of HG Fortune synths. Basically it is most suited for a large variety of pads, soundscapes, athmospheres or related FX sounds but can do other sounds like certain kinds of basses too.
The 16 Step Modulator allows sounds to be fairly rhythmicated in various ways if wanted. Also you can have one section stepmodulated while the other is not as there are two complete sections with oscillators, modifiers, VCA EG, Delay, Pan and Reverb send, plus a grain processor and a filter to be inserted via different audio routings. In addition there are a lot of modulation options you might select from in order to taylor your sound.
Twelve Tutorial patches have been created in order to help you exploring this synth.

DrumBurst Pro

DrumBurst is an 8 parts drum machine with 64 waves at each slot making 512 waves in total: not too much for a quick selection but a good variety to work with.
The inbuilt sequencer features 24 Main Pattern each based on the combination of a dedicated wave, Mute status and 1 out of 6 Step Pattern variations per part. This provides a lot of variation and less of programming effort as pattern can be re-used with a different instrument.

Fortune Cookie 2012

Fortune Cookie 2012 is dedicated to Annabel (ANN a.k.a. n0lwenn) who has been a truly gifted patchdesigner - we all truly miss you! Fortune Cookie 2012 is a quite unique ´VA´ synth for various types of solo and more or less typical polysynth and strange FX sounds. It gains special uniqueness from it´s different sync modes and X-Torsion. There are two oscillators. While the 1st oscillator is a VA-style the 2nd one is a Phase Distortion oscillator with two wave outputs like the ones used in CZ-Synths. This oscillator has a separate ADSR EG to ´shape´ the waves providing a result like filtering the sound. One significant feature of this combination is the enhanced Oscillator Sync (where Osc 2 is master to Osc 1) providing 9 modes with differing sound characteristics. In order to make best use of this Sync Osc. 1 shows different sources for pitch modulation: PD-EG, VCA-EG, LFO 1, LFO 2, both LFO (both) and Off. Best results for cutting sync leads will be achieved in using PD-EG´s Attack and Decay.

GhostMachine (3x)

Ghost Machine is a multipart algorithmic composing machine featuring a Pad part with Long Wave Sequencing, a HiSq part with a 16 step sequencer and customizable note pattern, a bass part with a 16 step sequencer and customizable note pattern, and a drum part with 4 instruments parts each with a 16 step sequencer. All these 16 step sequencers are pattern driven which are changing due to an internal algorithm to create music.
In AutoPlay mode you can let the machine do all the composing work for you, or you can transpose manually at realtime to change the current rootnote.
The suite includes:
Ghost Machine Pro (single screen).
Ghost Machine TS Pro (tabbed screen).
Wave Slot Player for adding OneShots and athmospheric loops.
Ghost Machine WoF Edition Pro (128 patches, 97 scales).

LaserBlade Pro 2011

LaserBlade S Pro 2011

LaserBlade SYG NFG

Percumat 2 Free

This is a versatile Rhythm machine for backing drums percussion so definitively not an 808 or 909 type thingie. It features 6 instrument parts / slots to choose from 512 inbuilt drum & percussions sounds. There are two step sequencers one for setting up the beat steps in groups of 4 x 8 steps (or 4 x half a bar) labeled A1, A2, B1 & B2, while the 2nd sequencers on the left allows you to control a sequence of the 8 step beat groups in 16 steps. Thus it is easy to get variations without having to program complete 16 step bars. In addition to that there is an Auto Track Mute feature for tracks 4, 5 and 6 to have one or two tracks muted for a certain range.
The beat step sequencer does offer two additional features: StepMode and Play number of Beats i.e. Steps so you can have a 7/8, 6/8, 5/8 or even 3/8 beats while Step Mode changes the order of steps to play in jumping to every 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. step with setting at 7 steps playing the sequence backwards. This is a real playground not only for the lovers of experimental rhythms.

Plutonia Free

ProtoPlasm Pro 2011

ProtoPlasm TS Pro

ProtoPlasm TSM Pro

One of the special features of this synthesizer is a very easy to handle modulation-system with 8 LFO/S&H-outputs plus Transition system and Super-Modulation. There are even patternlike LFO-waveforms as modsources so You can do quite amazing and complex modulations with only very few settings. Basically this synthesizer is best suited for highly vivid pads and textures but you can also do standard synth sounds like bass, leads etc. More than 1100 patches (still patchcompatible to prior versions) included.

ProtoPlasm 21 Pro NFG

ScapesWizard 1 Pro

ScapesWizard is a machine for soundscapes with very different control concept by triggering different samples via keyboard, or, using LazyPlay play a pool of waves in sequence or at random driven by inbuilt clock or have this triggered by keyboard.to advance manually.
There are three different soundengines: Slow Motion Scapes (Osc 1&2), OneShots and Loops (Osc 3), and Space Rumble Background Noise. Each engine has got some dedicated soundmodifiers partly with special controls. But the most important feature is you can trigger i.e. switch samples with a dedicated tune setting via keyboard (with velocity) which is ideal for live interaction too!
You got 2 x 24 samples (= 2 x 2 octaves) in direct access via keyboard. To each keyrange (from C2 to B3 and C4 to B5) a different waveset out of 5 can be assigned. This makes the plugin suited very well for usage with trigger pad controllers. Also for live interaction pitchwheel can be used for Osc1 & Osc2 with a range of +1/-1 octave and for Osc 3 the same for Modwheel.
The basic usage is intended to have a setting ‘in motion’ and then play different samples. Although there seem to be very few control elements most of these have a double function: left side is setting a dedicated value while right side adjusts modulation amount.

ScapesWizard 2 Pro NFG

ScapesWizard is a machine for soundscapes with very different control concept by triggering different samples assigned to keys via keyboard, or, using Lazy Sequencer to play the sets in sequence, or at random with varying intervals of step lengths. This is a completely reworked and largely enhanced version to its predecessor offering more dedicated and flexible control in general.
There are two different soundengines: Slow Motion Scapes (Main Slot 1&2), OneShots and Loops (FX, Natural, etc.) (Main Slot 3 & 4), Each slot has got a dedicated soundmodifier (color with resonance) plus pan, & delay with two sets of knobsettings for most controls. You got 2 x 24 samples (= 2 x 2 octaves) in direct access via keyboard and 2 sets to assign waves to keys with an optional pitch offset of +/- 12 semitones at each slot plus a further +/- 12 semitones per wave, slot and patch. So this makes 96 samples in straight access with a tuning range of max. +/- 2 octaves. Lazy Sequencer’s Ghost Mod will move (morph) between the two sets of knobsettings and this motion is visible on the GUI by respective knobs in motion. Furthermore nearly every knob has got a selectable modsource. In fact with this machine it is quite important to assemble best matching waves for a project into the wave slots. You can trigger or gate i.e. switch samples with a dedicated tune setting via keyboard (with velocity to contol level) which is ideal for live interaction!
There is kind of keyboard split to trigger a sample of Slot 1 & 2 from C2 to B3 (left side) and Slot 3 & 4 from C4 to B5 (right side). So simply give a key a short push and the resp. sample will play until it’s changed by pushing another key in that resp. range; unless you select KeyMode Gate which allows to play a sample as long as a key is held down. Anyway you can play only one sample in each slot at a time. But those four samples played can give already quite a massive sound.
There is also an SF Slot Mode supporting sf2 files with stereo samples.

Serenity Pro NFG

Serenity is a synthesizer aimed at creating various choir and string pad sounds. It is not meant to emulate a specific vintage string or choir machine, although you might find sounds resembling the flavours of the old machines. Serenity is a fully fledged synthesizer with filters, LFO, various effects and the "Twin Etherify" effect. In addition the internal waveset has been carefully selected to provide you with a wide range of string, choir and vocal waves plus some more complex pad sounds. Most of these waves have been processed widely from prior versions and several new waves have been added. 2 x PCM wave oscillators with 128 waves in 2 banks as primary sound sources. 1 x Filter - 3 types (LoPass, HiPass, BandPass) ADSR EG with Vel control on Attack & Decay, and 3 Response Modes. 1 x 4 channel adaptive mixer for cutoff modulation. 1 x VCA EG (ADSR) Vel control on Attack & Decay, and 3 Response Modes. 1 x Pan. 3 x LFO. 1 x S&H. 1 x DLFO (Double LFO with two outputs and phase-shifting). 1 x special Pitch LFO with Speed Up/Down options. 1 x Twin Etherify (2 Formant filter) with various modulation options. 1 x Gator not only on Level but optional for Filter and delay Pan too. 1 x Delay with several options for panning delayed signal. 1 x Stereo Flanger. 1 x Stereo Reverb. 1 x Bass Enhance. 1 x XY-Joypad with 6 controls for 12 destinations and optional display for LFO & Aftertouch motion. 3 x Lazy Buttons. 12 voices, over 760 patches (6 banks).

Shuniji Pro 2011

Shuniji Pro, with some more tweaks: patch selector, patch renaming & managing (Load/Save), CG with free run / retrig mode, different CG design showing current position, CG with Soft-Stepped slider and more tempo options (1/1 to 1/64), wave selectors as popup, new knobs, modified output section with a little reverb added. Internal Sf2 with 2 banks (incl. original bank for basic patchcompability).


STS 11b

STS 17

This synthesizer is featuring the Wave-Transition method for absolute unique Soundscapes & Textures. A very straight userinterface with 3 "Lazy"-Buttons for randomizing different sets of parameters so programming this synthesizer is incredibly easy. The Transition method adds a stunning new dimension and motion for an evolving sound changing completely it´s characteristics. The basic features are: Four digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 120 selectable waveforms two filters (24db Lowpass and 12 db Highpass, both mixable) two ADSR-style envelope generators three LFO (bpm-synced) one Sample & Hold (bpm-synced) one bpm-synced, pan modulated delay two "Transit" and one "Shift" engine User SF2 loadable.

STS 21 Pro 2011

STS 24 Pro 2012

STS 26 Pro 2012

STS 33 Pro NFG

The STS-33 “Space Transition Synthesizer” features the “Wave-Transition” method best suited for atmospheres, soundscapes, pads & textures. A straightforward user interface with 10 dedicated “Lazy”-Buttons for randomizing different sets of parameters makes programming easy. The Transition method plus the new Super Modulation X/Y control pad add a new dimension and motion for an evolving sound changing completely its characteristics.
STS-33 Pro features
Super Modulation X/Y Control Pad to modulate up to 8 destinations simultaneously.
Step Modulator – even driven by keystroke on non legato play.
Enhanced LFO Section with 6 LFO and SH&H with 5 being syncable to keystroke.
Frequency Split – have lower frequencies to mid-position (enhancing bass.) while the freqs. above can be panned.
Four digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 256 selectable waveforms.
Two resonant filters (24db Lowpass and 12 db Highpass).
Three ADSR-style envelope generators.
Two output channels (F & D) with LoBoost, Saturate, Delay (+ modulation) and Pan to stereo sum.
10 dedicated Lazy buttons.

Swamp XT Pro NFG

Timbre - Modulation Synthesizer
The basic features are:
two digital oscillators running at a time to be selected from
- two PCM-wave oscillators powered by 128 different waveforms or
- two additive wavetable generators to create various waves from up to 31 partials
one filter (24db Lowpass)
four ADSR-style envelope generators
X-Torsion, one Spook effect, one Gator (Gater) effect, XY Super Modulation
four LFO (bpm-synced), one dedicated Pitch LFO (bpm synced), one Sample & Hold (bpm-synced), one bpm-synced Delay.

Ultra Swamp Pro NFG

UltraSwamp is powered by 2 PCM wave oscillators (SF2 based) as primary sound-sources and two secondary sound-sources: Timbremodulator for applying some upper harmonics in a very unique way, and Ringmodulator generating the sum and difference of the input signals so it can give quite a low rumble. As both of these sound-shapers have great capabilities to transform the input signal even beyond recognition these are treated as secondary sound-sources which are processed per voice. Next are 3 resonant filters selectable: 24dB LowPass, a 12db HiPass and a Bandpass with a 4 channel adaptive mod mixer so 4 sources can be mixed to modulate Cutoff. This adaptive mod mixer gives best control for optimal modulation settings. Filter and amplifier envelope generators work in three selectable modes and have additional adjustable velocity control for Attack and Decay. Besides LFOs, Sample & Hold and a versatile Gator as mod-sources Aftertouch and Modwheel are selectable at many destinations for real-time modulation interaction to produce an even more vivid sound. Finally the output sections has increased a lot. there is stereo Flanger and stereo Reverb the latter with PreDelay and LowCutoff to remove lower frequencies for an optimized reverb response. 2 x PCM wave oscillators with 256 waves in 2 banks as primary sound-sources. 1 x Ringmodulator per voice as 1st secondary soundsource. 1 x Timbremodulator per voice as 2nd secondary soundsource. 1 x Filter - 3 types (LoPass, HiPass, BandPass), ADSR EG with Vel control on Attack & Decay, and 3 Response Modes. 1 x 4 channel adaptive mixer for cutoff modulation. 1 x VCA EG (ADSR) Vel control on Attack & Decay, and 3 Response Modes. 1 x Pan. 3 x LFO. 1 x S&H. 1 x DLFO (Double LFO with two outputs and phase shifting). 1 x special Pitch LFO with Speed Up/Down options. 1 x ADSR EG as mod-source for RM / TM. 1 x Gator not only on Level but optional for Filter and delay Pan too. 1 x Delay with several options for panning delayed signal. 1 x Stereo Flanger. 1 x Stereo Reverb. 1 x Bass Enhance. 1 x XY-Joypad with 6 controls for 12 destinations and optional display for LFO & Aftertouch motion. 3 x Lazy Buttons. 12 voices, 512 patches.

The Dream Machine 3

This is a new and completely rebuilt version of The Dreammachine featuring a largely increased functionality. Still it is a machine intended for slow motion providing complex evolving athmospheres and soundscapes. The concept of the Dreammachine is based on three synthlayers with slow wavesequencing and soundmodulations. Version 3 of The Dreammachine has gone polyphonic now and can be used as a synth too, so there are three basic ways to play the machine: 1st using the inbuilt Note sequencer and if you like play along that one, 2nd Hold a note and if you like play along or edit, 3rd play the machine as 16 voice synthesizer with max. 6 oscs on one key. In addition you can manually advance each part using MIDI keys/notes #24, #26, #28 and #29 plus #35 to advance synth parts simultaneously. As the Note sequencer is hardlinked to the Bottom/Low Part this one will be advanced too.

The Tiger Pro NFG

The Tiger is described as a versatile and flexible synthesizer capable of complex multi-layered sounds with some specific extras from the Aux oscillators, as well as groovy rhythmic sounds you would hardly expect from a synth, and, if you want, fairly typical synth sounds (brass, bass, strings PPG, DX, lead, etc.).
There are a lot of modulation options and there is an easy way to integrate ‘hardwired’ controllers like joysticks, touchpads or ribbons via the 4 UCC knobs (User assignable MIDI CC) which can be selected as mod sources too. Along with Aftertouch, Velocity and Modwheel you have many options for realtime interaction at performing live.
Two 16-step Rhythmic Pattern Gators (RPG) and a 16 Step Modulator can turn pads into complex rhythmic sounds. While two Aux oscillators can add some additional spacey sounds (a little like with Altair 4), or, can be used as mod source for a wide range of Amplitude Modulation. Both usages are mixable.

X-Wheel Of Fortune 4

X-Wheel of Fortune 4 is a multipart integrated algorithmic VSTi music system for creating tracks based on 8 instruments-parts: Pad 1 synthesizer, Pad 2 synthesizer, Bass synthesizer, Hi Sq Synthesizer, Kick, HiHat, Perc3 to Perc5 and Variable Oneshot Sq. Each patch/preset may be a complete musical track, a track for backing a live performance etc. All this can be arranged in two different ways using the algorithmic Wheel mode for free floating or the Scale step mode for harmonically prestructured tracks.
There are 180 PCM waves (taken from STS-26, ProtoPlasm21 and 'shuniji') for the Pad synthesizers, about 200 Percussion instruments and drums. In addition Sf2 files can be loaded at pad parts and wavefiles for percussion. Now with more than 250 inbuilt scales!

X-Wheel Of Fortune 6

X-Wheel of Fortune 6 (X-WoF 6) is a multipart music system with inbuilt cell step control sequencer for creating tracks of various types of music e.g. Ambient. E.g. just set up certain basics and let the machine create variations for you for there several inbuilt algorithms just for this purpose.
X-WoF 6 is based on a great variety of more than 250 inbuilt scales using harmonical scale steps for fairly easy composition and even learn more about harmony in music. Additionally you might assign your own – even experimental – User scale for each patch.
There are 10 inbuilt soundengines: two synthesizers for Pad parts, one for Bass, one for HiSq (high sequences), one for Athmo-loops and OneShot sounds plus 5 percussion instruments.
For overall interactive realtime control there are two XY SuperModulation pads plus one XY Master Control pad with the option to control the other two from here.


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H.G. Fortune created many software synthesizer plugins (VST instruments) before he passed away.

May he always be remembered in the music!

H.G. Fortune synthesizer plugins are VST 2 plugins.
You need a host for VST 2 plugins, music creating software, also called a Digital Audio Workstation (D.A.W.).

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